[Haifux] YOM HA'SHOA ?? [HAIFUX Lecture] OpenCL Overview - Ofer Rosenberg

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 11:49:12 MSD 2009

> More specifically:
> Please reply if you :
> a. wish to come, but have a problem with the date because it is the evening
> of Yom Hasho'a.
> b. wish to come, and do not have a problem with the date.
> Please respond to the webmaster address cced here. The summary will be
> reported and acted upon no later than 14:00 today.

I do not intend to come to the meeting as it is not in my field of
interest, however, I would not have come due to the date. I personally
feel that such days are not appropriate for such meetings, just as I
would not come to a meeting on Shabbat.

Dotan Cohen


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