[Haifux] W2L + Installation party?

Shahar Dag dag at cs.technion.ac.il
Thu Sep 18 12:03:51 MSD 2008


Since SSDL is moving to Linux, and since we want our students to feel comfort with Linux

We are willing to help with promotion of Linux

I think (but I will have to check this) that:

  1.. We can have an open day in SSDL. Students will be able to come and try Linux on our computers. People from the Haifa Linux club will help them revile the beauty of Linux. The open day should take place after the semester begins (9-nov).
  2.. During the open day we can do a min-InstaParty, meaning that we will have a corner with a screen & keyboard. If someone will need we can help him install or configure his computer. I can put a CD\DVD burner in SSDL so we can duplicate the live-cd\any other cd for the users.
  3.. We plane to prepare a presentation (which may become a lecture) about working with Linux in SSDL. This of course will include the things that we need for the academic courses that use SSDL. We can add presentation regarding general Linux application & setup (but probably we won't have time to create this additional part).
  4.. With a bit of luck, we will create a live-cd that includes all the application we install in SSDL. Any hints (and help) are welcome.
If this sounds helpful, I will check that we can actually run it in SSDL

Shahar Dag
System & Software Development Laboratory (SSDL)
Computer Science Department
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
Tel. 972-4-829-4880
Fax 972-4-829-4878

I am looking for old Vinyl record.
If you have any that you don’t need please mail me


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