[Haifux] UBUNTU instalation

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir at cohens.org.il
Thu Sep 11 09:16:30 MSD 2008

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 02:00:44AM +0300, Dave Roi wrote:
> Upon second thought, It seems very logical that a "Save full state" file
> will contain the same installation tags as the original (Manually installed
> as opposed to a dependency).
> I don't know this for certain but I believe automatic dependency deletion
> should still work on the target machine.
> Just seems very logical to me.
> Anyways, checking this shouldn't be hard.
> Anyways, I still recommend using ghost to copy machines instead of these
> mass apt-get methods.
> Ghost gives you the option of doing other customizations besides the package
> list, such as editing configuration files, changing themes, gconf settings,
> aliases etc...
> Linux also has the advantage that it doesn't require a different image file
> for each different hardware type.
> Just make sure the hard drive you create the image on is the smallest of all
> the target hard drives.

But then you don't know what those customizations are, and can't
reproduce them when you need to do a small change.

E.g. install the same configuration in ain a few monthes. Recall that
the D-I system already install security updates at system install time,
as they use apt to install packages.

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