[Haifux] Interested in a demonstration of the Slashdot backend?

Tim Lord timothylord at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 18:59:40 MSK 2008

Hi there!

This is Tim Lord; I post as "timothy" on the site Slashdot.org ("News for
Nerds, Stuff that Matters").

I am considering a trip to Israel, probably in early 2009 (Probably in
February or March) -- and would enjoy seeing Haifa, which I've been told is
a beautiful and interesting city.

If this trip to Israel happens at all (right now I'm figuring out whether I
can do it), I'd enjoy giving a talk about how Slashdot works behind the
scenes from the point of view of a naive editor (me), if I could barter for
space on couches and network access for a few nights. Unfortunately (or
not), I'll be working part of the time, which is why I'm looking for network
access, too. It would also be interesting to see how Linux is being used in
Israel right now.

(I'm planning to make a similar proposal to at least one other user group,
because if I make the trip at all, I'd like to stay in Israel for as long as
I can justify!)

If this interesting, please let me know and I will keep you informed about
the likelihood. (Will be staying part of the time, hopefully for about two
weeks, with some friends in Jerusalem, too.)

If this suggestion is out of line or innappropriate somehow, I'd appreciate
being told that, too.



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