[Haifux] content directory mirroring

Biran, Yahav (Yahav) yahav.biran at gmail.com
Tue May 13 00:30:51 MSD 2008

I also used the no-whole option;
rsync --progress --stats --compress --recursive --rsh=ssh \
--partial --no-whole-file \
mpower at ~mpower/content/cdr

but it still copy everything.

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I'm implementing a geo- redundancy solution for a web application.
The main task is to synchronize the content directory from the active site
to the stand-by site.

I tried to do it with rsync utility by setting rsync server that initiate an
rsync transfer.
My problem is that it keeps copy all the directories and sub directories
from scratch.
I wish to copy only the delta from last execution.

Im executing the following:
rsync --progress --stats --compress --recursive --rsh=ssh --partial \
dest_path user at src_ip:src_path

I was trying to calculate the delta files by executing in the source host:
rsync -avR user at dest_ip:'`find src_path -atime -${T2-T1}`' 
where T2 and T1 are the delta time duration.
But its not seem to be the right way.

Is anybody knows more elegant way to mirror two sites by transferring only
delta information? 

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