[Haifux] Suggested lecture: "Crash and burn: writing Linux application fault handlers"

Gilad Ben-Yossef gilad at codefidence.com
Mon May 12 11:48:04 MSD 2008

Howdy folks,

I'd like to suggest a lecture for Haifux meeting.

Title: Crash and burn: writing Linux application fault handlers


Complementing the standard Linux fault handler ("Segmentation fault. 
Core dumped.") with a custom handler that reports the crashing program 
state without a debugger is a useful endeavor in many situations. 
Unfortunately, writing such a fault handler correctly can be 
surprisingly hard and requires certain amount of black magic.

The proposed lecture is a tutorial that will demonstrate how to write 
such a handler, covering such topics as: getting program symbolic stack 
trace and registers and reporting them safely, the care and feeding of 
async signal POSIX handler functions, how to avoid implicit memory 
allocations and how to test for them, how to handle multi-threaded 
faults, the black magic involved with how Linux handles signal handlers, 
the unfortunate effect this has on obtaining a correct stack trace in 
case of a fault and how to overcome this limitation.

Let me know if there is interest and available times.


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