[Haifux] Monday's lecture - too long?

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Sun May 11 11:20:46 MSD 2008

Eli Billauer wrote:
> Shachar,
> I know that you may not be keen on driving to Haifa twice, but 
> scheduling two meetings for this lecture is the almost automatic 
> response. Another solution could be to prepare for a 3-hour session, 
> with a large break in the middle, but I think everyone will agree on two 
> meetings. Except, possibly, you, which I can understand. ;)
I'm ok with either, just let me know.

Be prepared that should there not be two lectures scheduled, that I'll 
do everything in my power to be there ahead on time and to start at 6:30 

And you don't want to miss the first part. Believe me. We're analyzing 
an Apple II game :-)


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