[Haifux] Idea for lecture: connecting to HOT / 012 without a router

Hai Zaar haizaar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 03:00:27 MSD 2008

2008/6/18 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com>:
> 2008/6/18 Hai Zaar <haizaar at gmail.com>:
>> You do not need modem IP address. You just plug your (network) modem
>> to, say, eth0 configure it to use DHCP.
>> That's it.
>> But first, you need to call HOT and tell them you want direct connection.
> Please excuse the Hebrew, but I would like to simulate a stupid HOT
> representative and I want to have the correct terminology:
> דותן: שלום, אני לקוח קיים ואני רוצה להתחבר דרך חיבור ישר
> הוט: תוריד את החיגן בבקשה
> דותן: החיגן לא עובד בלינוקס
> הוט: אני לא יודעת מה זה לינוקס. תוריד את החיגן
> דותן: אני רוצה להתחבר ללא חיגן
> הוט: אין כזה דבר
Sorry to mislead you, but you should call your ISP (not HOT) and ask
them for חיבור ישיר ללא חיגן, then they send something they call "files"
to HOT (it take three business days to arrive) and then modem's DHCP
server should give you a real internet address and DNS.
That's very strange, however, that HOT did not know what is חיבור ישיר ללא חיגן.
From my experience talking with them - they new perfectly what I'm
talking about.

> Please arm me with the correct buzzwords, key phrases, and legal
> terminology to steer the conversation in my favor. Should I demand to
> talk to a tech? Will she know what I mean when I say hibur yashir?
> From my experience if it's not in their flowchart, it does not happen.
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