[Haifux] Wireshark - continuation lecture ?

Nir Abulaffio anir at research.haifa.ac.il
Tue Jun 10 13:46:01 MSD 2008

Shalom to all,
There is a possibilty that I give a continuation lecture on Wireshark, and
sniffers in general. There is a hole on 16-jun-2008 for that.
However, I don't want to push this. I didn't see much enthusiasm, and
there is no point that I talk to 3 people.

I could talk about:
Multicast ( an IP method to send one packet to many machines).
Attacks ( some kinds of SYN attacks - how they look from sniffers.)
Tunnels ( and VPN connections , the details of how we connect to the
internet through CABLES, for example).
Tips and tricks using Wireshark.
Comparison to other sniffers.
Sniffing wireless networks (I don't know much about this).
Nir Abulaffio.

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