[Haifux] Lightning talk! LEHITPAKED

Rami Rosen rosenrami at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 13:44:49 MSD 2008

I suggest the following topic: (it will be less than 7 minutes)

- Building a kernel module for multiple Linux distribuitions on
a single Linux machine.

This will explain how, for example, you can build a Fedora Core 4
module / RedHat enterprise 5 module and other distros  on a single
Fedora Core 8 machine.

 (the solution is *not* based on virtualization, though it also can be
done by virtualization).

> If anyone has a ding (that is, a small counter-top bell), bring >it :)
 Would it not be simpler to implement it in sw ?!

Rami Rosen

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 12:16 PM, Ohad Lutzky <ohad at lutzky.net> wrote:
> (I couldn't find any appropriate translation. Anyone know one?)
> Time limit for this session: 7 minutes!
> Everyone participating, please list the topics you'll be talking
> about. (That's 7 separate minutes for each topic, switching speakers
> after every topic)
> If anyone has a ding (that is, a small counter-top bell), bring it :)
> I have three topics to talk about, time granting:
> 1. Writing a small application to get around a clunky website
> (specifically on the Egged website's "free text search")
> 2. Git's patch-add and interactive-rebase modes (sure to impress users
> of other VCSs as well :))
> 3. TTime, a rewrite of fork of a clone of a clone of Marprog, the
> Technion timetable schedular
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> Ohad Lutzky
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