[Haifux] Crawler Lightning session: Call for participants

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Thu Jan 24 13:52:48 MSK 2008

Hello all,

Our next meeting, on February 11th, is a lightning talk session, which 
means that there will be several speakers with some 5-10 minutes each. 
The idea of this meeting is to share and compare the different ways we 
make the computer mimic a web browser in order to fetch data over HTTP. 
In other words, the topic is web crawlers and web bots.

decide whether it's interesting or not.

Ideally, I would be glad to get responses from ALL of you, with the 
practice you have for fetching data. Assuming you're free on that Monday 
to talk about it, of course. The evening's programme depends on these 
offers. So if you're using COBOL's HTTP library (is there any?) for this 
purpose, I'll put it after someone else showing it Python and before 
Perl. But I need speakers for each.

Also, if you feel that you can say a few words about any of wget, curl, 
lynx, GET or any of the other similar tools, please tell me so.

So it's really not a big hassle. No slides, just show the code, say a 
few words, take a few questions, and next. So please come up with 
whatever games you make. If you're not sure that you can attend (but 
might), please tell me so as well.

Offers should be posted to ME OFFLIST. Kindly enclose some sample code 
to get the idea of where it's going (or if it's final, even better). 
Keep in mind that the submitted code WILL BE PUBLISHED after the meeting.

Thanks, and let's cook something nice!


Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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