[Haifux] Delaying by 15 minutes

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Dec 21 22:11:19 MSK 2008

I suggest getting the feeling of this during the next few meetings, and 
decide according to those who actually show up.

As for tomorrow's meeting, I plan to start it 18:30 sharp, but with a 
reminder of the previous one. So those of you who plan to come in late: 
I suggest reading the slides, and join us with a dramatic entre.


Ohad Lutzky wrote:

> Hello all,
> As you've seen, I find it possible for me to arrive at lectures during 
> my service (actually, I even have more free time to do so!). 
> Unfortunately, the fastest way for me to get to the Technion is by the 
> 18:00 bus (11) from Carmel Bay, which arrives at ~18:45. Is anyone 
> else experiencing this problem? Would anyone be against delaying the 
> schedule by 15 minutes?
> -

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