[Haifux] Some options for talks by a CEO from the silicon valley (on a special day)

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Tue Dec 9 11:55:05 MSK 2008

On Tuesday, 9 בDecember 2008, Orr Dunkelman wrote:
> Cathy Malmrose, the CEO of ZaReason, is about to visit Israel soon.
> ...
> I think that only if 10 people could "commit" for coming, it would
> be worth to schedule it. Of course, if you have any 
> preference, please let me know as well.

If someone from Affordy (http://www.affordy.com/) would meet her
before, there may be a chance for some cross-company sales effort
(we'll represent you here, you'll represent us there, market niches etc.).

If that miracle happens, then maybe the best lecture would be:

 "Buying non-MS-taxed laptop in Israel without going to small claims court"

Which would be an excellent sequel to Zvi Dvir's lecture about his case.

Hey, Affordy, do you listen?

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