[Haifux] Some options for talks by a CEO from the silicon valley (on a special day)

Orr Dunkelman orr.dunkelman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 03:24:04 MSK 2008

Hi everybody,

Cathy Malmrose, the CEO of ZaReason, is about to visit Israel soon.

She would be happy to give a talk on one of the following topics, but
she can only give it on Sunday, 4th of Jan., 18:30.

The presentations are about one hour long, but I'm sure they will be
interesting enough.

So if you want to hear her, despite the unusual time, please let me
know off-list. I think that only if 10 people could "commit" for
coming, it would be worth to schedule it. Of course, if you have any
preference, please let me know as well.


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A few lectures I could deliver are:

* Open source - why?
* Linux hardware -- how to build Linux-ready hardware the easiest way possible
* The future of software and hardware development
* How to build a better, faster system inexpensively -- finding the
right resources

Let me know if it would work out for me to meet with you and/or your
group. It would be fun for me and my two teenage sons to meet with
fellow Linux Users in Israel.

Thank you,

--Cathy Malmrose, CEO ZaReason, Inc.

Orr Dunkelman,
Orr.Dunkelman at gmail.com

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