[Haifux] [W2l] New "Welcome to Linux" Series

Shahar Dag dag at cs.technion.ac.il
Tue Aug 19 17:44:51 MSD 2008


I don't know if you realize that the System and Software Development 
Laboratory (SSDL) in the computer science faculty will move to Linux at the 
summer. (we will install Ubuntu to be compatible with the public farm)
Every year many students from the faculty works in SSDL (this year, 500 
students was granted access)
This may be an opportunity to enlarge the Linux community.
(also any suggestions / help in the move to Linux is welcomed)

Shahar Dag
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Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
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>> I would recommend a campain as opposed to an event. The campain would
>> be on two fronts:
>> 1) Getting people ready for Linux: Switching to FOSS cross-platform
>> software even on Windows (OOo, Thunderbird and Firefox in particular)
>> 2) Getting Linux ready for people: writing to software makers
>> (Solidworks in particular) and asking about Linux or Wine 1.0
>> compatible versions.
> sorry for the confusion. when I suggested event I meant a lecture series.
> Past W2L series dealt with point number 1 as well (number 2 is very
> specific, and you might wish to contact my dad concerning point #2,
> there are some CAD solutions for Linux, though SolidWorks is not one
> of them, yet).
>>> * It's good to have a short series of a few talks introducing Linux -
>>> raises awareness, and helps people to get into Linux.
>> Do this one-on-one with your friends, not in a lecture.
> There is an advantage for taking 100 people and talking about this
> once. When correctly done, you can expect, that they get about 80% of
> the value of spending this time one-on-one. In other words, you can
> inform more effectively this way.
> Of course, it would be important to take into consideration the fact
> that FOSS is no longer something nobody heard of.
> BTW, do note that in the past we had the help of some courses, where
> the TAs/lecturers encouraged people to attend, as it will help them
> (Matam, OS, etc.).
>>> * A good place to "recruit" new club members.
> This is highly needed, as new recruits, at the end become new speakers.
> I can name a few recent lecturers who were exposed to haifux as part
> of W2L events.
>>> Some points against:
>>> * This year, the students are going to be still stressed with all the
>>> artifacts of the last strike, so attendance will be slightly lower
>>> than expected.
>> Especially in Haifa: the Technion only this week finished classes from
>> spring semester, and is now going into Moed A tests.
> Also, this year (due to the schedule of study), everything starts
> late, which usually causes the students to be less inclined in
> "after-hour" lectures.
> Was there any discussion prior to Rami's talk?
> Cheers,
> Orr.
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