[Haifux] Fwd: Re: OpenSolaris lectures: please ask your LUGs.

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Aug 6 19:36:12 MSD 2008

Dotan Cohen writes:

> A representative of Sun is interested in flying to Israel to lecture
> at interested LUGs in regard to OpenSolaris. I had tried to sign up
> for all the LUGs and ask separately, but this is impossible for me
> right now. Please ask your local Israeli LUG if they would like a
> lecture from a Sun representative regarding OpenSolaris. Any interest
> in the lectures can be answered here, or I can be contacted at
> 054-788-1700.

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Subject: Re: OpenSolaris lectures: please ask your LUGs.
Date: Wednesday 06 August 2008
From: "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at gmail.com>
To: "linux-il." <linux-il at cs.huji.ac.il>

Here are the details as I have them:
1) Right now, I am only checking interest in Israel. Maybe there isn't
enough interest to fly someone over?
2) Assuming that enough interest is generated, I do not know when the
rep will be able to come. Maybe this month? Maybe this year?

So for those who are interested, please let me know:
1) Which Israeli LUG you represent.
2) Where you meet.
3) Which day of the week / which hour is best for you. The rep will
need this to coordinate his schedule. If you can provide an
alternative date/time as well that will be good as two interested LUGs
may meet at the same hour.
4) An estimate of turnout. If only six people show up for a lecturer
from Hul, that would not be very honourable.

I have spoken with Shimon of the Open University and Shlomi Fish from
Tel Aviv university. I know that Herzlinux is interested as well.
Please pass this opportunity on to other Israeli LUGs that you know
of, especially if they do not have representation on the Linux-IL

Thanks to all.

Dotan Cohen


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