[Haifux] Pending DNS caches, the list is back up

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Wed Sep 26 01:39:40 MSD 2007

Hi all,

First, please allow me to apologize for the list's down time. A while
back Bezeq Intl. finally did what they said they will do all along, and
pulled the plug on the old Actcom server farm, along with beak and
eskimo, the two old servers run by Hamakor. The new server was up and
running, and contained backups of all the material from the old servers,
but was not, unfortunately, fully configured to take all of the old
servers' tasks. Haifux was one of the tasks that fell through the cracks.

Please do not blame Bezeq intl. They gave adequate warning about this
move, and it was a combination of work load and other stuff (aka "life")
that prevented faster handling of the situation. I accept full
responsibility, and ask for your forgiveness.

As of now, the DNSes were notified of the new list location, and the
change can now be expected to slowly propagate. In about 24 hours, the
list should be back to full operational status. Email sent now will
probably arrive, eventually (may take a couple of days). Emails sent
before this change should eventually arrive, unless you already
received, or will receive in the next 24 hours, a bounce notification.

A few things did change. List subscribe/unsubscribe is now handled
through http://hamakor.org.il/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/haifux, as the
automatic signature at the bottom of this (and every other) email should
attest. I have no control over Haifux's web site, so I'll leave it up to
"someone" to update the info there. Mailman also keep list archives
around, and they are available at http://hamakor.org.il/pipermail/haifux/

A few technical differences. The new list management software has a "no
dups" settings that can be set per-subscriber. Simply access the web
interface, put your email in, and ask to recover password. Your personal
list password will be mailed to you. Using that password you can log
into the web site, and change it. The meaning of the option is that if
the mailing list sees that the email was already sent to you personally,
it will not send you another copy. This should put all "reply-to" wars
to an end. Simply reply to all list email by hitting "reply to all".
Those subscribers that wish to only get one copy will, those that wish
to get two copies will also.

Last, but far from least - I'm looking for someone to take ownership
over the list. This means mostly tweaking the list settings where
appropriate, and approving/discarding the mail from unsubscribed
posters. I'll try to let the list decide on who the owner should be
based on concensus.


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