[Haifux] [Haifux Lecture] Running C# and ASP.Net on Linux using Monoppix by Roiy Zysman

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Wed Oct 17 13:54:04 MSD 2007

After a short break for the holidays, Haifux is meeting again.

Next Monday, 22nd of October, at 18:30 the Haifa Linux Club, will gather
to hear Roiy Zysman's talk about

          Running C# and ASP.Net on Linux using Monoppix

Roiy, a co-founder of Monoppix is going to talk about developing C#
and ASP.Net application on Linux using a Monoppix livecd. Mono is a
runtime engine and C# compiler implementation on linux, and Monoppix
is a livecd that comes preinstalled with Mono.It is a development
oriented distribution, aimed at windows c# developers to get to know
how to develop C# application on Linux with Mono and also for linux
people wanting to start developing C# application on linux. The
presentation would provide an overview of Mono, a demo of using
Monoppix to run Windows compiled winforms application, a simple
console application and ASP.Net webform. It will also cover using the
integrated development environment and the livecd remastering process.


We meet in Taub building, room 3. For instructions see:

Attendance is free, and you are all invited!


Future Lectures:

175 	General Purpose computing using
           Graphical Processing Units 			Mark Silberstein 	5/11/2007 	
176 	Programming Epiphany Plugins with
           Python and PyGTK 				    Ohad Lutzky 	19/11/2007 	


We are always looking for interesting lectures. If you wish to contribute  a
lecture to the 2007/8 lecture season - drop us a line at webmaster at haifux.org

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