[Haifux] Intro to Linux

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Sun Nov 11 23:29:45 MSK 2007

Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I want to start a kind of a LUG at my workplace, a 60-120 minutes 
> lecture every two weeks for the workers only (an internal LUG).

how many people are expected to be in each such meeting? 5 people or 20 
people may use a different approach (and probably - if you have fewer 
people, you need less time).

> I was asked to provide a road map / syllabus for the lectures. I tried 
> to explain it isn't a standard course. More like a bi-weekly gathering 
> of people with common interests, but she still wants circulate a message 
> about what's coming.
> So I need a list of topics to cover the first 4-5 gatherings.

what's the background of the people coming there? are they completely 
new to linux, or do they already use linux on a daily basis?

> Is there a ready-made "training plan" I can use out of the box out there 
> (in Hebrew, credits will be given where credits are due, of course!)

you have the different welcome-to-linux lecture sets hanging in various 
places - _if_ your crowd is completely new to linux.

if it is not - you'll have to pick up some english material and 
translate it (or - simply assume everyone has a good enough english, and 
use the english material, while talking in hebrew).


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