[Haifux] Linux Kernel Networking lecture rerun

gabik gabik at cs.technion.ac.il
Tue Nov 6 11:00:00 MSK 2007

Hello everyone

Rami Rosen has held a very interesting lecture last summer, about Linux
Kernel Networking.
However, it was during the summer vacation and not a lot of us were able to
Now Rami has a sequel lecture, on more advanced Linux Kernel Networking
topics which were not dealt in the first (like IPSec).
Due to these 2 reason it would be a good idea to rerun the first lecture
(before the advanced lecture).

I have already talked to Rami and he kindly agreed to rerun the first
lecture on 3.12.07 (this is the only time he can).
I hope this time there will be more people attending this lecture (I will
personally convince at least 2 more people not usually in Haifux to attend).

What do you say?
Does Haifux agree to rerun the lecture and later Rami will probably hold the
advanced lecture as well?


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