[Haifux] Announcing a new project - fakeroot-ng

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Sun Dec 30 21:16:02 MSK 2007

gabik wrote:

> Hi
> Would not it be more correct to fix the system, that requires you to be root
> if this is not really required, to not require a root?
I described the system. I'll gladly hear your suggested solution.

I'll even settle for you saying where the logic flaw is that causes root 
to be erroneously required.
> I mean - this is the where the "real bug" is. 
Again, elaborate on "this", and we can have a discussion. As far as I 
can see, we have a very reasonable set of requirements, each of them 
totally reasonable, and they lead to the conclusion that either root or 
a way to treat non-root as root is required. Show me the flaw in the 
logic, and we can discuss "better" alternatives.


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