[Haifux] Lecture Monday 24/12: Lecture for CS students

Ohad Lutzky lutzky at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 23:56:30 MSK 2007

Hello all,
This lecture is being given to CS students by the Haifux club.

In several CS courses - mainly Matam, Data Structures and Operating
Systems, students face the often-unfamiliar Linux environment, and use
it to hand in course exercises. Experienced users have often seen them
have difficulty with these topics, which the lecture will cover:

    * Getting around in a Linux environment (through graphical UI and
    * Compiling multi-source-file programs properly - first into
object (.o) files, then linking
    * Creating and using Makefiles

Furthermore, two very good reasons for students to enjoy (or suffer
less, anyway) programming in Linux will be presented:

    * The Data Display Debugger (DDD), a graphical debugger to make
pointer-based data structures almost too easy...
    * Valgrind, for when you do dumb stuff with memory

Additional tips and tricks will be given, which should be very useful
for Matam students for the first two exercises (especially the
second). The only recommended prior knowledge is basic C programming
(for example, Intro to CS). The lecture will demonstrate on a Linux
environment, but the topics apply also to using T2 directly.

Lecture slides for the first part are available here:


The lecture will be held at 18:30, Taub 6. (Note the room change - Taub 6!)

NOTE: This is a re-run of the two lectures given last semester.
However, experienced users will be available to answer questions you
may have.

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Ohad Lutzky

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