[Haifux] Web crawler lightning talk session?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Tue Dec 11 12:17:48 MSK 2007

Hello all,

As some might have noticed, the lecture queue is empty.

So I want to suggest a lighting talk session about web crawlers. You 
know, those scripts many of us have somewhere to fetch whatever material 
we want from internet sites. Or vote more than once... It could be 
pretty amusing to see what other people have done.

So what I suggest, is some 5-10 minutes per crawler (I expect them all 
to be scripts). Show the code, no slides, and a few words about the 
considerations (timeouts, redirects etc). A diversity of languages could 
be nice.

Maybe we can vote for prizes in some categories:

1. The most elegant crawler
2. The worst made crawler
3. The sneakiest crawler

Is there any interest? Who wants to bring their secret code for a show?
I can show at least 3...


Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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