Emacs Power Usage

emacs buffers.

A buffer in emacs is not a file!
a buffer is some data it may represent a file, some internal
emacs data, or it may provide an interface to an inferior process
running under emacs.

Buffers which do not correspond to a file usually have a name
which starts and ends with an * (*scratch* *help*...)

(* demonstrate M-x shell, explain "inferior" *)

emacs may have several windows. emacs starts off with a single
window and we can split an each window into 2 windows vertically with (C-x 2)
We close a window with C-x 0. And maximize a window with C-x 1.
We can also split a window horizontely with C-x 3.
Traveling between windows can easily be done with mouse click or C-x o.

emacs may have more than one frame, each frame having windows as
described above. C-x 5 2 will open a new frame. C-x 5 0 will close it.
Meir Maor