Emacs Power Usage

Keyboard Macros:

A keyboard macro is a series of emacs commands which we group together
to run quickly many times.
(a keyboard macro is not a lisp macro!)

The simple way to create a macro is to record your own key strokes.
we start recording with C-x ( and end with C-x ).
to run the last keyboard macro defined use: C-x e.

In order to keep many macros we must give macros name,
we will use: M-x name-last-kbd-macro.

Now we can use the macro by running M-x macro-name.

If we just wrote a very clever macro and we wish to save it
for further use in future sessions we will generate e-lisp
code which defines the macro we recorded:

M-x insert-kbd-macro.

if we put this in our .emacs file we will have the macro defined
any time we run emacs.
Meir Maor