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Table of contents

Look, Ma, No BIOS!

BIOS Milestones

How BIOS Works

How Bootloader Works

How setup() Works

BIOS Today: A Pain In Sensitive Parts Of Anatomy

Requirements and Decisions (As Specified by LANL)

Operation, Benefits and Disadvantages of LinuxBIOS

LinuxBIOS Do-It-Yourself HOWTO

Swapping The BIOS Chip

What Can Go Wrong

After LinuxBIOS Boots: Troubleshooting etc.

How It Works

Protected Mode Setup: How To Run a Pentium

DRAM, Transition to C, Mainboard Fixup, Starting Kernel

OK, How Do We Boot a Real Kernel from LinuxBIOS? LOBOS

LOBOS Implementation

Related Work: bootimg, Two Kernel Monte (TKM)


LinuxBIOS in Real Life (Have You Even Been to Los Alamos?)


Further Information

Author: Oleg Goldshmidt



Further information:
Haifux, 27 September, 2004